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Here are product templates to make it easier to create ready files in graphic design software programs such as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, or similar Product templates are available in (.EPS) , (.PDF) and (.JPG) format, unless otherwise indicated.

feel free to download our product templates

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Summary logo and art specifications

  • For films and colours separations your logo or artwork should be in vector format .AI, .PDF or .EPS file. If you have a pixel file minimum resolution should be at least 200dpi.
  • For an estimate any of these common graphic formats will work: .EPS, .AI, .PDF, .JPEG, .GIF, .BMP or .TIFF.
  • See other questions on this page for more details on these specifications and related topics.

  • Web pages usually have .GIF or .JPEG graphics that have been optimized for display on your computer. They are low-resolution images that cannot be used in films and screens production. However, some web site graphic artists have higher-resolution images.
  • Please send us the image you'll have and we'll let you know if it's quality is good enough for further print production.
Colours on your Design

  • The colour of your logo or artwork is determined by the graphics program used to create the image. Computer monitors do not show colour precisely and the colour of your logo may be different from what is shown on the monitor.
  • See the topics on the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM in this section for other important information.

  • The idea behind the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM is to allow designers to 'colour match' specific colours when a design enters production stage. Pantone colours are described by their allocated number.
  • If an artist designed your logo, you might also get the PANTONE colour names and numbers for the colours used in the logo.
Uploading/sending existing logos or artwork

  • If you have your artwork ready you could send it to us as part of the REQUESTING A QUOTE process.
  • In order to price you correctly we need to see how complex your design/artwork is, as well as the number of colours.